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Hello, welcome to Kilter Theatre. We create our theatre out of people, places and time. Site-specific, touring, workshops and pub crawls.

Our work is surprising and comforting, playful and empowering and utterly involving – there’s nothing else quite like Kilter and people really enjoy what we do.

Kilter tours nationally and internationally with our pioneering low carbon theatre practise. From our base in Bath, we support our local community with a broad range of arts activities. We respond to commissions and opportunities and we plough ahead with our own ideas for new work.

Using theatre as our medium, we want

  • to help envisage and create a positive future for the planet
  • to recognise the challenges of our time and hold them up to scrutiny.
  • to share ideas and solutions in a non-preachy way
  • to give audiences and participants the tools to feel empowered and positive and involve themselves in making the world a better place.

We do it by getting into hearts and minds with great stories, loveable characters, strong images, excellent writing, spell-binding performances, beautiful sets, fun workshops and interesting talks.

We try to practise what we preach – we ride our bikes, grow our own food, write letters and sing in our choirs.