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  • Entertaining, heart warming and provocative

    Kate Cross, the egg
  • A deftly orchestrated, surprising, stylish and moving piece of theatre

    Kate Yedigaroff, MAYK
  • A hugely challenging and inspiring project

    Sir Johnathon Porritt
  • Like a wizard’s horde, an anorak’s obsession

    Audience, The Last Post
  • I thought it was going to be good but it wasn't good it was incredible.

    Ethan aged 11
  • Enchanting and beautifully crafted

    Producer, Beaford Arts
  • Utterly charming; tender, funny, wistful

    Exeunt Magazine
  • Nuanced performances, perfect pacing and utterly glorious set

    Exeunt Magazine
  • Tacking big issues... with an incredibly light touch.

    Belinda Dillon, Review
  • I had a lump in my throat by the end.

    Audience, Back on Track
  • A beautiful, fragile, believable world you've created.

    Audience, The Last Post
  • What can I say except it touched every emotion.

    Audience, The Last Post
  • [Kilter] does what needs to be done but no else has the courage.

    Long-term Kilter Fans
  • Truly one of the most imaginative things I've ever seen.

    Audience, The Last Post
  • I don't have the words to say how much I enjoyed this.

    Audience, Roots
  • Exactly what we need in this world.

    Audience, Roots
  • Beautiful, touching, sweet & heartfelt.

    Audience, The Last Post
  • Theatre of the Unforgettable

    Audience, Back on Track
  • A wonderfully original piece.

    Venue Magazine, Roots
  • Few could compete with [Kilter's] model of sustainability.

    New Statesman
  • Kilter reminds me of the things that are truly important.

    Returning audience member
  • Art that puts us right at the heart of its meaning.

    Audience, Back on Track
  • It is not often I laugh so hard it is uncontrollable - absolutely superb.

    Audience, Back on Track
  • An exhilarating sense of community.

    Kilter Fan
  • I find it hard to do Kilter justice in words.

    Head teacher, Unsung
  • Photograph of Kilter Theatre members performing Everything Must Go! in a street in Bath.

    Welcome to Kilter.

    We create theatrical events out of interesting, beautiful and unique people and places. We devise site-specific plays, tour curious installations and deliver bespoke workshops alongside our regular programme of events around our base in Bath.

    Our work is always surprising and playful, empowering and utterly involving – devotees say there’s nothing else quite like Kilter!

    We support our local community with a broad range of arts activities. We also love to respond to new opportunities and commissions on a wider scale. On top of all that, year after year we plough on through a bottomless list of enticing ideas for new work.

    In all this, we’re particularly proud of our pioneering low-carbon practice. Everything we do – from our local community choirs to our national and international touring programme – is underpinned by our desire to find ways to reduce our footprint. Time and time again, we’re delighted to discover that the more thoughtful, simple approach to making and sharing work, not only reduces waste but also brings more day to day joy for us and our audiences.