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  • This was brilliant. It really was.

    Participant, Bathscape workshop
  • Cutting edge, innovative, energetic, collaborative and highly creative.

    Judges, Bath Life Awards 2018
  • Entertaining, heart warming and provocative

    Kate Cross, the egg
  • A hugely challenging and inspiring project

    Sir Jonathon Porritt
  • Originality that expands the boundaries of what is considered theatre

    Theatre Bath
  • Absolutely magical. Beautifully-written, elegantly performed.

    Audience, Foraged Fictions
  • Life affirming!

    Participant, The Cubicle
  • Engaging, funny & visually eye-catching

    The Edge, University of Bath
  • The best immersive theatre experience I've ever had

    Audience, Invincible
  • Conception and delivery both outstanding. Unforgettable.

    Audience, Invincible
  • Was intrigued, challenged & entirely engaged

    Audience, Invincible
  • A deftly orchestrated, surprising, stylish and moving piece of theatre

    Kate Yedigaroff, MAYK
  • Like a wizard’s horde, an anorak’s obsession

    Audience, The Last Post
  • I thought it was going to be good but it wasn't good, it was incredible.

    Ethan, aged 11
  • Enchanting and beautifully crafted

    Producer, Beaford Arts
  • Utterly charming; tender, funny, wistful

    Exeunt Magazine
  • Nuanced performances, perfect pacing and utterly glorious set

    Exeunt Magazine
  • Tacking big issues... with an incredibly light touch

    Belinda Dillon, Review
  • I had a lump in my throat by the end

    Audience, Back on Track
  • A beautiful, fragile, believable world you've created

    Audience, The Last Post
  • [Kilter] does what needs to be done but no else has the courage

    Long-term Kilter Fan
  • Truly one of the most imaginative things I've ever seen

    Audience, The Last Post
  • I don't have the words to say how much I enjoyed this

    Audience, Roots
  • Exactly what we need in this world

    Audience, Roots
  • Beautiful, touching, sweet & heartfelt

    Audience, The Last Post
  • Theatre of the Unforgettable

    Audience, Back on Track
  • A wonderfully original piece

    Venue Magazine, Roots
  • Few could compete with [Kilter's] model of sustainability

    New Statesman
  • Art that puts us right at the heart of its meaning

    Audience, Back on Track
  • It is not often I laugh so hard it is uncontrollable - absolutely superb

    Audience, Back on Track
  • An exhilarating sense of community

    Kilter Fan
  • I find it hard to do Kilter justice in words

    Head teacher, Unsung
All Past Projects

The Green Roofs (2011-14)

Look at Bath from any angle and chances are you’ll notice, nestled in amongst the Georgian stonework, some long lime-green strips of copper roofing….


Welcome to The Green Roofs.


Kilter spent a 3 year residency, working with the good people of Snow Hill and the London Road in Bath. A pop-up shop became a gallery of local work, a venue for a programme of events and a hive of arts activities with workshops in all disciplines from poetry to photography.


Born out of local enthusiasm, The Green Roofs Singers met weekly for 18 months and culminated with a singing promenade performance, Outside The City Walls, (September 2013). This was made up of 20 people singing 10 songs, many written collaboratively, about the area.


The bi-monthly story telling event, Story Friday, was also born in the old kitchen shop on London Road.


Wow – that was the most touching version of one of my songs that I’ve ever seen! Snow Hill in the background. It reminded me of my upbringing & the fact that I was shaped so much by the Bath artistic community whilst living in a council estate.  We should never forget where we came from & personally it made me proud of what Bath has to offer for the underprivileged. Curt Smith, Tears for Fears.


I thought it was going to be good but it wasn’t good it was incredible. Ethan, age 11.


Green Roofs Singers….


Made me feel like here’s hope for culture in Bath. Am inspired to research the area in which I live now. Thank you! Your enthusiasm is infectious! I have learned a lot and appreciate all the effort – I have travelled through with my eyes closed. Really enjoyed the workshop. I am inspired by your approach to theatre and creativity.