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Green Roofs Singing

The Green Roofs Singers are having a debut sharing of work this week at The Museum of Bath at Work.

The group is less than a year old and already has an enviable song-book of catchy tunes dedicated to a much-derided corner of Bath.

The group attracts singers from across the city to its base in Snow Hill & the London Road where members write their own lyrics and music dedicated to the celebration of their neighbourhood.  Musical Director, Katie Stone-Lonergan, arranges all the contributions for the diverse range of Green Roofs voices and the collective singers of all ages and abilities achieve spine-tingling close-harmonies in their a cappella delivery.

The Singers are a cornerstone of Kilter’s three-year multi-disciplinary project which will culminate in 2013 with a promenade performance around Snow Hill/ London Road.

The Museum of Bath at Work is the setting for the first public outing by the Green Roofs Singers who wanted to share their hard work in the context of Their Very Own & Golden City – an exhibition at the museum to celebrate 60 years since the completion of the Snow Hill estate.

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Food for Thought

By Guest Blogger, Production Assistant & Chef Extraordinaire, Emily, whilst away at a devising retreat in very rural Beaford, Devon

Kilter is away, making and creating The Last Post.  It’s a five day devising extravaganza with lots mental and physical  exertion. With all that output we’ve learned it’s really important to eat and fuel ourselves for maximum brilliance. But, as we all know, when you’re away from normal routines, it can be hard to prepare and eat food in a positive way.

So for this trip, we made a concerted effort to break our bad touring food habits. On top of this, we’re devising theatre about supporting your local services so it’s important that we walk the talk!

With ten or so vegetarian meals to cater for, and six hungry mouths to feed, this involved quite a bit of planning ahead. We visited a couple of farmers markets and became inspired by the copious amounts of courgettes, delicious british peppers, amazing smelling tomatoes and incredible range of local cheeses. After that, the menu panned out easily.

It was so lovely to be able to exchange goods for currency while talking to a local farmer about Kilter theatre and our devising week away. Filling our bags with fennel bulbs, tubs of tomatoes, earthy potatoes and some complimentary sweet peas, I left heavily laden with goods ready to cook up a storm.

Many thanks to Arcadia Organic, Bakers of Bath, Jacob’s Finest and Havest Wholefoods: we’re having a tasty and productive time! Right I’m off to cook a Cauliflower Curry!

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The Last Post

Our latest project, The Last Post, has been awarded a grant from Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts programme.  We can now plough ahead with plans to develop a body of touring work on the great dying art and etiquette of letter-writing! Watch this space for news of our curious tour-van, our fleet of post-boxes and our collaboration with all sorts of wonderful artists and musicians!

Kilter are also very grateful to Bath & North East Somerset Council, Beaford Arts and ICIA for supporting the development of The Last Post.

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Story Fridays

Every couple of months Kilter is working with new local company, A Word in Your Ear, to curate a soiree of themed stories and music under the cover of the Green Roofs project. Local writers and those from further afield are creating absorbing 10 minute pieces to read themselves or give to one of our performers.

If you’d like to find out more, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter. If you’d like to write something, please get in touch.

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From an unfixed point in the distant future, the Kammioneers have dragged their cabinet of curiosities.  Constantly on the look out to increase their intriguing collection of artefacts ‘mined’ from the drowned coastal cities, this inquisitive and eye-catching pair barter and trade with everyday items that betray the fascinating history of people and planet before the great catalysing catastophes of the 21st century.

‘The Kammioneers’ is a new venture for Kilter – a walkabout street-theatre piece at home in any setting. To see photos and find out where the pair are next appearing, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. To arrange a performance or discuss availability, contact Olly at

Kilter is so well known for its pioneering and ‘unparalleled low-carbon theatre practise’ (The New Statesman) we are often asked for readily available transferable performance pieces to take to festivals and one-off events.

With The Kammioneers it is great to be able to offer something so simple and adaptable. The characters continue their voyage of discovery, spreading an important environmental frame of mind, wherever they land.  The piece makes a very strong arresting image in constant flow and it provides a simple but mind-altering message about the future… and by implication the present and the role we each have in it.

‘The Kamionneers’ is made in conjunction with the Future Museum – a project developed by artist and kamioneer, Jethro Brice. As with all Kilter’s work the salvaged props and recycled sets he has made blend with engaging ‘point-blank’ characters as Kilter’s trade-mark emblem of quality craftsmanship and sustainability.

The development of The Kamionneers was made possible by a commission from Bath Fringe Festival and we are very grateful to them!

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