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  • Cutting edge, innovative, energetic, collaborative and highly creative.

    Judges, Bath Life Awards 2018
  • A hugely challenging and inspiring project

    Sir Johnathon Porritt
  • Absolutely magical. Beautifully-written, elegantly performed.

    Audience, Foraged Fictions
  • Originality that expands the boundaries of what is considered theatre

    Theatre Bath
  • Entertaining, heart warming and provocative

    Kate Cross, the egg
  • Life affirming!

    Participant, The Cubicle
  • The best immersive theatre experience I've ever had

    Audience, Invincible
  • Conception and delivery both outstanding. Unforgettable.

    Audience, Invincible
  • Was intrigued, challenged & entirely engaged

    Audience, Invincible
  • A deftly orchestrated, surprising, stylish and moving piece of theatre

    Kate Yedigaroff, MAYK
  • Like a wizard’s horde, an anorak’s obsession

    Audience, The Last Post
  • I thought it was going to be good but it wasn't good it was incredible.

    Ethan aged 11
  • Enchanting and beautifully crafted

    Producer, Beaford Arts
  • Utterly charming; tender, funny, wistful

    Exeunt Magazine
  • Nuanced performances, perfect pacing and utterly glorious set

    Exeunt Magazine
  • Tacking big issues... with an incredibly light touch

    Belinda Dillon, Review
  • I had a lump in my throat by the end

    Audience, Back on Track
  • A beautiful, fragile, believable world you've created

    Audience, The Last Post
  • [Kilter] does what needs to be done but no else has the courage

    Long-term Kilter Fans
  • Truly one of the most imaginative things I've ever seen

    Audience, The Last Post
  • I don't have the words to say how much I enjoyed this

    Audience, Roots
  • Exactly what we need in this world

    Audience, Roots
  • Beautiful, touching, sweet & heartfelt

    Audience, The Last Post
  • Theatre of the Unforgettable

    Audience, Back on Track
  • A wonderfully original piece

    Venue Magazine, Roots
  • Few could compete with [Kilter's] model of sustainability

    New Statesman
  • Art that puts us right at the heart of its meaning

    Audience, Back on Track
  • It is not often I laugh so hard it is uncontrollable - absolutely superb

    Audience, Back on Track
  • An exhilarating sense of community

    Kilter Fan
  • I find it hard to do Kilter justice in words

    Head teacher, Unsung
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Futures: VR Workshop

    • Location:
    • We The Curious, Anchor Road, Bristol, BS1 5DB

    • Date:
    • 23 May 2019
    • Time:
    • 6:45 pm til 8:45 pm
    • Price:
    • Free!

VR: Living in a Material World – an evening with Kilter and the University of Bristol’s Immersive Documentary Encounters Team.


Virtual Reality (VR) is evolving at an electrifying pace, and millions of pounds are poised to invest in the next big thing… whatever that may be!?! The field is rife with excitement but before we embrace these virtual worlds, should we be questioning… Is VR a trickster: an empathy machine for journalists & charity workers? Is it a life-saver: a therapist’s dream to climb inside our heads and soothe our troubled minds? Or will it anticlimax as just another suped-up games-console to plonk on your noggin?


The University of Bristol’s Immersive Documentary Encounters team needs YOU (the greatest range of the greatest minds) to help imagine a future where VR fulfils its potential for good and we avert any uncomfortable ethical conflict!


Join us to collectively unpick future applications and ethics in this terrific immersive emerging technology. Experience the latest VR headsets for a range of immersive experiences before joining in the debate during a fast-talking, experimental and fun workshop.


Open to all inquisitive minds aged 18+. 




Booking essential. Book your free ticket!