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Sustainable Touring

On paper, touring a show is an innately sustainable activity. Rather than inviting the nation’s theatre-going public to traipse a collective journey of potentially hundreds of thousands of miles to a central theatre venue, probably in London, you instead take one troupe of travelling players to venues in numerous smaller … Continue reading

Food for Thought

By Guest Blogger, Production Assistant & Chef Extraordinaire, Emily, whilst away at a devising retreat in very rural Beaford, Devon Kilter is away, making and creating The Last Post.  It’s a five day devising extravaganza with lots mental and physical  exertion. With all that output we’ve learned it’s really important … Continue reading

The Last Post

Our latest project, The Last Post, has been awarded a grant from Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts programme.  We can now plough ahead with plans to develop a body of touring work on the great dying art and etiquette of letter-writing! Watch this space for news of our … Continue reading

January & March Podcasts

There is now a new seasonal episode online for every month until October! It’s not too late to discover why Easter is actually called Eostre! Then there’s Pinch Bum Day, Midsummer, St Swithun’s & Lammas, all told with January’s usual droll wit and March’s style & panache! Continue reading

January & March Podcasts

January & March run the months of January & March. They love their jobs. All Months do. There’s something to do every day. In these Podcasts J&M visit their friends to see what it is they do. And why! Continue reading